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DK28 diesel engine parts cylinder head

Date:2022-03-31 Author: Click:

DK28 diesel engine parts cylinder head

The function of the cylinder head is to:

1. Close the upper part of the cylinder to form a combustion chamber;

2. It is the support of the camshaft, rocker shaft and intake and exhaust pipes;

3. The air is sucked into the cylinder, the flammable mixture is ignited by the spark plug, and the piston is driven to do work, so that the exhaust gas is discharged from the exhaust pipe.

The removal method of the cylinder head is as follows:

1. After fixing the engine on the turning frame, place the turning frame on the workbench;

2. Remove the valve cover;

3. Remove the oil reflector on the cylinder head;

4. Loosen the cylinder head bolts, and remove all cylinder head bolts in the way of both sides first and then the middle;

5. Hit the junction between the cylinder head and the cylinder body with a soft hammer to loosen it, and then remove the cylinder head.

DK28 diesel engine parts cylinder head



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