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Marine diesel engine accessories talk about the quality standards of diesel engine oil

Date:2020-04-03 Author: Click:

There are many oil products on the market today, such as hydraulic oil, anti-rust oil, grease, lubricating oil, gear oil, diesel engine oil, etc. Each oil has different components and similarities, but most of the materials and processes are also different. of.

Marine diesel engine accessories talk about the quality standards of diesel engine oil:

1. The higher the thermal load, the heavier the load, and the higher the working temperature of the diesel engine, the more intense the work intensity and the higher the level of oil used.

2. Oils above CH-4 level (common rail EFI) with a load of less than 10 tons (suitable for naturally aspirated or low-pressure pre-combustion diesel engines).

3. CCF-4 grade oil with a load of more than 10 tons (suitable for turbocharged pre-combustion diesel engines). Diesel engines produced under foreign countries' low-speed, high-load, high-speed and high-load conditions are lubricated with ch-4 oil. The turbine Supercharged diesel engines should use CI-4 or higher oil.

4. CI-4 is suitable for high-horsepower common-rail EFI diesel engines operating at high speed, heavy load, and long cycle. It is especially suitable for highway driving. It has good energy-saving effect and effectively prevents cylinder liner polishing, piston ring wear and oil thickening . When the fuel S content is less than 0.05%, a CG-4 diesel engine oil specially used for low sulfur fuel is selected. The two-stage bimetallic piston engine with higher fuel injection pressure and higher operating temperature is selected with CI-4 diesel oil.

5. CI-4 is suitable for diesel engines with exhaust gas recirculation (PDF) (including common rail EFI) diesel engines, and common rail EFI and exhaust aftertreatment devices (scr) engines manufactured using the latest technology. As the sulfur content in the diesel used increases by 1%, the engine oil used should be increased by one gear. When the load is full, overloaded, road conditions are poor, and the trailer should be selected a higher level of oil.

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