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The role of cylinder lubricants for marine diesel engine accessories

Date:2020-03-25 Author: Click:

The role of cylinder lubricants for marine diesel engine accessories

Lubricant is added between the two contact surfaces that move relative to each other, so that a lubricating film is formed between the friction surfaces, and the direct contact surfaces are separated. The dry friction is changed to the internal friction between the lubricant molecules to achieve less friction The purpose of reducing wear and extending the service life of machinery and equipment is called lubrication.

The role of lubricants is:

1. Reduce friction: Adding lubricant to the friction surface can reduce the friction coefficient, thereby reducing friction resistance and saving energy consumption.

2. Reduce wear: The lubricant can reduce the wear caused by abrasive wear, surface fatigue, and adhesive wear between the friction surfaces.

3. Cooling effect: The lubricant can absorb heat, transfer heat and dissipate heat, so it can reduce the temperature rise caused by friction.

4 Anti-rust effect: The presence of lubricant on the friction surface can prevent rust caused by air, water droplets, water vapor, corrosive gases and liquids, dust and oxides.

5. Transmission effect: In many cases, the lubricant has the function of transmitting power, such as hydraulic transmission.

6. Sealing effect: The lubricant forms a seal on some exposed parts, which can prevent the infiltration of moisture and impurities.

7. Shock absorption effect: When receiving shock load, it can absorb shock energy, such as automobile shock absorption.

8. Detergent effect: The impurities can be taken away through the circulation of the lubricating oil and filtered out by the filter.

The role of cylinder lubricants for marine diesel engine accessories



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