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Marine Diesel Engine Parts DK28 Diesel Engine Parts Roller Pin

Date:2022-08-26 Author: Click:

Marine Diesel Engine Parts DK28 Diesel Engine Parts Roller Pin

Rollers are mechanical parts that are commonly used and often seen in daily life. During the production and processing of the rollers, it is usually necessary to drill the pin holes at the center of the rollers to facilitate the installation of pins at the drilled positions of the rollers. , or the assembly of rollers and other processes.

A pin hole drilling device for roller processing. A protective box and a fixed seat are fixedly installed on the top of the worktable, the bottom and front sides of the protective box are both open structures, the fixed seat is located in the protective box, and the top of the fixed seat is provided with a There are two arc-shaped splints in the placement slot, electric push rods are fixedly installed on both sides of the fixed seat, a third round hole is opened on the inner wall of the top of the protective box, and the bottom end of the telescopic column penetrates the third round hole and An installation plate is fixedly installed, a motor is fixedly installed at the bottom of the installation plate, and a drill bit is fixedly installed at the output shaft end of the motor.

A pressing component is arranged on the mounting plate, and the pressing component includes two vertical sliding bars, two springs and two pressing plates. The two pressing plates are respectively fixed and installed on the bottom ends of the corresponding vertical sliding bars. The ends are respectively fixedly connected with the tops of the corresponding pressing plates, and baffles are fixedly installed on the tops of the two vertical sliding bars.

Marine Diesel Engine Parts DK28 Diesel Engine Parts Roller Pin



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