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Marine diesel engines have the following structural advantages over diesel engines for vehicles

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Marine diesel engines have the following structural advantages over diesel engines for vehicles:

1. Unique frame type main bearing structure, high rigidity, low vibration amplitude and low noise decibel.

2. One cylinder and one cover, which is convenient for vehicle maintenance and repair, reducing maintenance and consumption costs.

3. The main components are purchased globally from time to time, achieving high engine configuration.

4. The diesel engine accessories are fully installed, and the air cooler and sea fresh water heat exchanger are installed on the diesel engine to facilitate the layout of the engine room.

5. The diesel engine cooling system adopts internal and external double-cycle water cooling mode. The inner circulation uses fresh water to cool the diesel engine. The outer circulation uses seawater to cool the fresh water through the sea fresh water heat exchanger, which improves the service life of the diesel engine.

6. Perfect protection and control system, using diesel engine function monitor, can automatically measure the speed, water temperature, oil temperature and pressure of diesel engine. When the diesel engine parameters exceed the limit, it can automatically alarm and stop. Optional remote control instrument.

7. Excellent design, using water jacket exhaust pipe to keep the cabin temperature low.

8. Good adaptability, WD615C, WD618C series diesel flywheel, flywheel shell, diesel engine monitoring instrument, water jacket exhaust pipe, sea water pump and other parts are common. The size of the diesel engine, the size of the flywheel and the flywheel housing are also the same, which is convenient for matching and maintenance.

9. The front end pulley of the crankshaft is provided with a pulley groove and a connecting flange for the user to use the external power output device.

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