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Marine diesel engine introduces you to control the speed and fuel saving method

Date:2019-09-18 Author: Click:

Marine diesel engine introduces you to control the speed and fuel saving method

1, control the optimal speed

During driving, the engine speed of the general EFI car is about 2200-2500, which is the most fuel-efficient. Regardless of the gear position, the engine revolution is maintained at around 2200-2500. Too low speed car can not move, fuel consumption does not walk, but also hurt the engine; excessive speed increases the fuel consumption, but also hurts the engine.

2, to maintain the best speed

The most fuel-efficient driving situation is straight-line driving. The most fuel-efficient driving speed is 60-80 km/h and the medium-displacement car is 80-100 km.

3, control shift speed

When shifting gears, add a little more oil than the normal driving state, and let the speed express more than 2,500. If the shift is less than 2000 rpm, the speed will be lowered after the shift, and there is a feeling of disengagement. It is necessary to find it back, but it will consume more fuel.

4, no change, no overtaking

After changing the road for a while, overtaking for a while, eagerly refueling for a while, braking for a while, fueling and paying for the car, the risk factor has increased several times, it is not worthwhile or unnecessary. When driving in your own car, remember to keep the same as possible, do not overtake, keep at medium speed, drive at a constant speed, and save fuel.

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