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Marine diesel engine parts cylinder daily maintenance method

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Marine diesel engine parts cylinder daily maintenance method

After installing a new ring or replacing a diesel cylinder liner, it must be run-in as required. Strictly execute the running speed (load) and time of the running-in. It is not too fast. The cylinder oil is appropriately increased and the pure mineral oil is used. Pay attention to monitoring the temperature of the exhaust and the temperature of the cooling water to find out the possible failures in the running-in and ensure the running-in quality.

The grade and oil quantity of the cylinder oil meet the requirements of the specification, and it is necessary to avoid the misconception that the cylinder oil is more than good. Excessive cylinder oil can cause carbon deposits and waste cylinder oil. Too little will result in poor lubrication. The alkalinity of the cylinder oil should be determined according to the condition of the fuel. The alkalinity should meet the requirements of avoiding the low temperature corrosion of the piston ring of the cylinder and prolong the service life of the ring.

The appropriate coolant temperature should be such that the average operating temperature of the first pass is increased by 200. Below C, cylinder oil can be evenly distributed on the cylinder wall to reduce friction and wear, prevent carbon and low temperature corrosion, and prevent sticking and ring breaking.

Regularly hoist the cylinder for maintenance, make an inspection record, and analyze the wear and wear speed of the ring by the parameters of each lifting cylinder. In particular, the wear rate and shape of the cylinder, ring and ring groove should be paid enough attention. If the wear speed is too fast, the cause must be solved in time. A wear monitoring system is set up to monitor and diagnose the wear of the piston ring in the quantity, size, shape and composition of the abrasive particles present in the lubricating oil during the operation of the diesel engine.

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