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Marine diesel engine parts oil and generator introduction

Date:2019-08-20 Author: Click:

Marine diesel engine parts:

1, oil pump assembly

The oil pump is the power source for the oil pressure and flow in the lubrication system. It guarantees the oil pressure and flow required for engine lubrication. The oil pump is constructed in the form of gear, rotor, vane and plunger. Commonly used are gear type and rotor type.

2, oil filter

It is used to filter metal grinding chips, mechanical impurities and oils in the oil, such as various organic acids, asphaltenes and carbides, to prevent them from entering the friction surface of the parts and causing the parts to be pulled and scratched. Increased wear and tear, as well as prevention of serious accidents such as bearing bushing and burning of bearing bushes. The performance of the oil filter directly affects the overhaul period and service life of the internal combustion engine.

3, the generator

Function: supply power to the electrical equipment and charge the battery. In order to meet the battery charging requirements, the output voltage of the vehicle generator must be direct current. Generators installed on internal combustion engines usually have a DC generator, a silicon rectifier generator, and a permanent magnet alternator. At present, the generators used in domestic and foreign cars are almost all silicon rectifier alternators. The silicon rectifier alternator is composed of a rotor, a stator, a rectifier, an end cover and a fan impeller. The two-phase alternating current generated by the generator is converted into direct current by three-phase bridge full-wave rectification through a rectifier. The output voltage is typically 28V.

Marine diesel engine parts



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