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DK28 Diesel Engine Accessories Introduction to low speed diesel engines

Date:2024-06-13 Author: Click:

DK28 Diesel Engine Accessories Introduction to low speed diesel engines

The main engine of the ship works at full load most of the time. Ships often sail in turbulence, so Marine diesel engines should be able to work reliably under the conditions of trim 15° ~ 25° and heeling 15° ~ 35°. Most ships use supercharged diesel engines, and small power non-supercharged diesel engines are only used in small boats. Low-speed diesel engines are mostly two-stroke machines, medium-speed diesel engines are mostly four-stroke machines, and high-speed diesel engines have both.

Direct drive propeller, in order to make the propeller have high propulsion efficiency, requires a low speed. Medium and high-speed diesel engines drive the propeller through the gear reduction box, and the gear box is generally equipped with a reversing mechanism to achieve propeller reversal, but the low-speed diesel engine and some medium-speed diesel engines can reverse themselves. Medium and high-speed diesel engines also achieve electric transmission through generators - motors - propellers. When the required power is large, multiple machines can also be used, and only one host can work at low speed, thus improving the operation economy and reliability. When two main engines are installed on the same ship, they are divided into left and right engines according to the installation position and the steering of the propeller.

DK28 Diesel Engine Accessories Introduction to low speed diesel engines



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