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L28/32 Diesel Engine parts introduces the main components of Marine diesel engines

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L28/32 Diesel Engine parts introduces the main components of Marine diesel engines

Marine diesel engines are mainly composed of the following components:

Body and cylinder head mechanism. Including the body, cylinder liner, cylinder head and oil pan, etc., constitute the skeleton of the diesel engine, supporting all moving parts and auxiliary systems. 1

Crank linkage mechanism. Composed of piston, connecting rod, crankshaft and flywheel, the main function is to convert the reciprocating movement of piston in cylinder to the rotating movement of crankshaft, to achieve working cycle and output power.

Valve mechanism and air exchange system. Including air filter, intake and exhaust pipes and noise extinguisher and gas distribution mechanism, the main function is to regularly remove waste gas and inhale fresh air, while having the role of filtering air and noise, fire extinguishing and so on.

Fuel supply system. Mainly by the injector, fuel injection pump, governor, fuel pump, fuel filter and fuel tank, etc., the function is according to the requirements of the diesel engine work, the right amount of diesel at the appropriate time with good atomization quality into the combustion chamber.

Lubrication system. Mainly composed of oil pump, oil filter, oil pressure gauge and related oil passage, the function is to send the oil to the friction surface of the moving parts, to reduce the wear of the moving parts, reduce the friction resistance, and have cooling, sealing, rust prevention and other effects.

Cooling system. Including water pump, fan, water radiator, oil radiator, etc., the function is to distribute the heat of the heated parts to the atmosphere to maintain the appropriate working temperature of the diesel engine.

Boot the system. The function is to use external force (manpower or other power) to run the stationary diesel engine normally, including electric starter, battery, transmission device and start switch.

These components work together to ensure long-term, reliable and efficient operation of the engine.

L28/32 Diesel Engine parts introduces the main components of Marine diesel engines



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