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L28/32 diesel engine accessories rocker arm support

Date:2024-02-19 Author: Click:

L28/32 diesel engine accessories rocker arm support

Material, structure, process is the material and technical basis of product design, on the one hand, technology restricts the design; On the other hand, technology also drives design. From the point of view of design aesthetics, technology is not only the material basis but also has its own "function" role, as long as it is good at applying the characteristics of materials, the corresponding structural form and appropriate processing technology, it can create practical, beautiful and economic products, that is, play the potential "function" of technology in the product.

The designed part is the valve rocker arm shaft support of the rocker arm joint in the diesel engine of Marine diesel engine accessories, which is an important part of the valve control system of the diesel engine of L28/32A diesel engine accessories. An 18mm diameter hole is used to assemble the rocker arm shaft, and an inlet and exhaust valve rocker arm is installed at each end of the shaft. A pressure reducing shaft is installed in the hole with a diameter of 16mm, which is used to reduce the pressure in the cylinder and facilitate the starting of the diesel engine. The gap between the two holes is 56mm, which can ensure that the pressure reducing shaft opens the valve on the rocker arm to achieve pressure reduction. The two holes require high surface roughness and position accuracy, and will work with the shaft, play a supporting role, diameter 11 holes with M10 screw connected to the cylinder head, diameter 3 holes used for oil discharge.

L28/32 diesel engine accessories rocker arm support



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