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DK28 diesel engine accessories introduces the structure and function of cylinder head

Date:2023-05-08 Author: Click:

DK28 diesel engine accessories introduces the structure and function of cylinder head

1. Working conditions and requirements of cylinder cover

The cylinder head bears the mechanical load caused by the air force and the fastening of the cylinder head bolts, as well as the high thermal load due to contact with high temperature gas. In order to ensure the good seal of the cylinder, the cylinder head can neither be damaged nor deformed. For this purpose, the cylinder head should have sufficient strength and stiffness. In order to make the temperature distribution of the cylinder head as even as possible, avoid hot cracks between the intake and exhaust valve seats, the cylinder head should be well cooled.

2. Cylinder cover material

Cylinder heads are generally cast by your gray cast iron or alloy cast iron, car gasoline engines are mostly aluminum alloy cylinder heads.

3. Cylinder cover structure

The cylinder head of Marine diesel engine accessory is a box part with complex structure. The processing on the inlet and exhaust valve seat hole, valve conduit hole, spark plug installation hole (gasoline engine) or fuel injector installation hole (diesel engine). A water jacket, an intake and exhaust duct and a combustion chamber or a part of the combustion chamber are also cast in the cylinder head. If the camshaft is mounted on the cylinder cover, the cylinder cover is also machined with a CAM bearing hole or a CAM bearing seat and its lubricating oil passage.

The cylinder cover of water - cooled engine has three structure forms: integral, block and single. In a multi-cylinder engine, where all cylinders share a cylinder head, the cylinder head is called an integral cylinder head; If there is one cover for two cylinders or one cover for three cylinders, the cylinder head is a block head; If each cylinder has one head, it is a single cylinder head. The air - cooled engine has single cylinder head.

DK28 diesel engine accessories introduces the structure and function of cylinder head



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