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L28/32 diesel engine parts company introduces marine diesel engine

Date:2023-01-12 Author: Click:

L28/32 diesel engine parts company introduces marine diesel engine

The marine main engine works at full load most of the time, sometimes at variable load. The ship often sails in bumps, so the marine diesel engine should be able to work reliably under the conditions of 15 ° - 25 ° trim and 15 ° - 35 ° heel. Most ships use turbocharged diesel engines (see internal combustion engine turbocharging), and low-power non-pressurized diesel engines are only used on small boats. Most low-speed diesel engines are two-stroke engines, most medium-speed diesel engines are four-stroke engines, and high-speed diesel engines are both. The scavenging modes of marine two-stroke diesel engine include backflow scavenging, port-valve direct current scavenging and opposed piston scavenging. Heavy oil is widely used as fuel in high-power medium and low speed diesel engines, while light diesel is still used in high speed diesel engines.

The main development trend of marine diesel engine is to improve the turbocharging technology (secondary turbocharging, ultra-high turbocharging and afterburning turbocharging, etc.) to increase the power of single engine; Improve combustion process, use low-quality fuel oil and use waste heat to improve economy; Improve reliability and prolong service life; Marine diesel engine accessories adopt fault prediction and monitoring to realize automatic remote control of diesel engine.

L28/32 diesel engine parts company introduces marine diesel engine



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