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Introduction to DK28 Diesel Engine Accessories Structure of Cylinder Head

Date:2022-11-18 Author: Click:

Introduction to DK28 Diesel Engine Accessories Structure of Cylinder Head

The cylinder head is installed on the top of the cylinder block to seal the cylinder from the top and form a combustion chamber. It often contacts with high temperature and high pressure gas, so it bears great thermal load and mechanical load. The cylinder head of the water-cooled engine is internally provided with a cooling water jacket, and the cooling water hole at the lower end of the cylinder head is communicated with the cooling water hole of the cylinder block. Circulating water is used to cool high temperature parts such as combustion chamber.

The cylinder head is also equipped with intake and exhaust valve seats and valve guide holes, which are used to install intake and exhaust valves, as well as intake channels and exhaust channels. The cylinder head of a gasoline engine is machined with holes for installing spark plugs, while the cylinder head of a diesel engine is machined with holes for installing fuel injectors. The cylinder head of the overhead camshaft engine is also provided with a camshaft bearing hole for installing the camshaft.

The cylinder head is generally made of gray cast iron or alloy cast iron. The aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity, which is conducive to improving the compression ratio. Therefore, in recent years, aluminum alloy cylinder heads have been used more and more.

The cylinder head of marine diesel engine accessories is an integral part of the combustion chamber. The shape of the combustion chamber has a great impact on the work of the engine. Due to the different combustion modes of gasoline engines and diesel engines, the parts of the cylinder head that make up the combustion chamber differ greatly. The combustion chamber of the gasoline engine is mainly on the cylinder head, while the combustion chamber of the diesel engine is mainly in the pit on the top of the piston.

Introduction to DK28 Diesel Engine Accessories Structure of Cylinder Head



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