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DK28 Diesel Engine Accessories Exhaust Rocker Shaft

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DK28 Diesel Engine Accessories Exhaust Rocker Shaft

The rocker arm is the valve distribution mechanism in the engine, which is responsible for opening and closing the valves. The camshaft drives the rocker arm, which is a device to push the inlet and exhaust valves to open at the right time. It is used to open the valves at the right time with the camshaft to complete the intake and exhaust of the engine.

The function of the rocker arm is to change the direction of the movement and force transmitted from the push rod and cam to the valve to open it. The rocker arm bears a large bending moment in the swing process, so it should have sufficient strength, stiffness and small mass. The rocker arm is made of forged steel, malleable cast ball, ductile iron or aluminum alloy. The rocker arm is a double arm lever, with the rocker arm shaft as the fulcrum, and the two arms are unequal in length. The short arm end is machined with a threaded hole for screwing in the valve clearance adjusting screw. The long arm end is machined into a circular arc surface, which is the working surface for pushing the valve.

Function of Exhaust Rocker Arm for Marine Diesel Engine Accessories on Diesel Engine

When the engine crankshaft rotates, the trunnion wheel starts to rotate. There are many protruding parts on the trunnion wheel that are off the center of the circle corresponding to each rocker arm, and the rocker arm corresponds to the valve. When the protruding parts turn downward, the valve rocker arm or hydraulic tappet below will act under the pressure, and then the force transmitted from the trunnion wheel will be transmitted to the valve. At this time, the valve will move downward under the downward pressure to open the cylinder exhaust channel, When the protruding part of the wheel turns upward through half circle movement, the valve will rise up under the reaction force of the valve spring to complete the work of closing the exhaust passage.

DK28 Diesel Engine Accessories Exhaust Rocker Shaft



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