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Introduction to L28/32 Diesel Engine Accessories Diesel Power Unit

Date:2022-10-11 Author: Click:

Introduction to L28/32 Diesel Engine Accessories Diesel Power Unit

Diesel power unit refers to the "marine power unit" with diesel engine as the main engine. The direct heating method is adopted to make the diesel fuel burn in the cylinder to generate heat energy, and the gas is used as the medium to convert the heat energy into mechanical energy. Most diesel engines are reciprocating. It is a kind of heat engine with high thermal efficiency, and has the advantages of rapid starting, safety and reliability, small unit weight size, large power range, etc. Therefore, the main engine and generator prime mover of ships often use this kind of engine.

Marine diesel engines can be divided into four stroke and two stroke engines according to the number of strokes to complete a working cycle; It can be divided into supercharged type and non supercharged type according to the inflation mode; Arranged according to structure, it can be divided into crosshead type and straight cylinder type; According to the arrangement of cylinders, it can be divided into single row and multi row; It can be divided into high speed machine, medium speed machine and low speed machine according to speed or average piston speed. Marine diesel engine accessories Large low-speed diesel engine and high-power medium speed diesel engine, due to the application of exhaust gas turbocharging technology, the use of low-quality fuel and reduced specific fuel consumption, are widely used in modern ships as a power device.

Introduction to L28/32 Diesel Engine Accessories Diesel Power Unit



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