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Marine Diesel Engine Parts Marine Equipment Spare Parts L16/24 Piston

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Marine Diesel Engine Parts Marine Equipment Spare Parts L16/24 Piston

The piston top is an integral part of the combustion chamber, so it is often made into different shapes. The gasoline engine piston top mostly adopts a flat top or a concave top, so as to make the combustion chamber compact, the heat dissipation area is small, and the manufacturing process is simple. Raised top pistons are commonly used in two-stroke gasoline engines. Piston tops of diesel engines are often made of various pits.

The piston head is the part above the piston pin seat. The piston head is equipped with a piston ring to prevent high temperature and high pressure gas from entering the crankcase and preventing oil from entering the combustion chamber; most of the heat absorbed by the piston top also passes through the piston head. The part is transmitted to the cylinder, which is then transmitted away through the cooling medium.

DK28 Diesel Engine Parts Introduction Piston Classification

Since the pistons of internal combustion engines work under high temperature, high pressure and high load conditions, the requirements for the pistons are relatively high, so we mainly talk about the classification of internal combustion engine pistons.

1. According to the fuel used, it can be divided into gasoline engine pistons, diesel engine pistons, and natural gas pistons.

2. According to the material of the piston, it can be divided into cast iron piston, steel piston, aluminum alloy piston and combined piston.

3. According to the process of manufacturing piston blank, it can be divided into gravity casting piston, squeeze casting piston and forging piston.

4. According to the working condition of the piston, it can be divided into two categories: non-pressurized piston and pressurized piston.




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