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Introduction of L28/32 Diesel Engine Parts Function and Working Conditions of Cylinder Liner

Date:2022-08-05 Author: Click:

Introduction of L28/32 Diesel Engine Parts Function and Working Conditions of Cylinder Liner

1. Function

① Composition of the combustion chamber

②The four-stroke machine is the guide of the piston movement and bears the side thrust

③The two-stroke engine cooperates with the piston movement to control the ventilation process

④ It forms a cooling water space with the cylinder block

2. Working conditions

①Withstand periodic changes in gas force:

Radial: The compressive stress of the fire contact surface is Z, and the cooling surface is zero.

Tangential: The tensile stress of the fire contact surface is large, and the tensile stress of the cooling surface is small.

②The effect of bearing thermal load: compression thermal stress on the fire contact surface and tensile thermal stress on the cooling surface.

③ withstand friction

④The inner surface is subjected to chemical corrosion by gas, and the outer surface is subjected to corrosion by cooling water.

⑤The cylindrical piston is subjected to the cavitation of cooling water.

3. Materials

Made of heat-resistant and wear-resistant alloy cast iron, the inner surface is chrome-plated to improve wear resistance, and the outer surface is coated with anti-rust paint or zinc blocks.

4. Types of marine diesel engine accessories:

①Good heat dissipation

②The thickness of the cylinder liner is large and the rigidity is good

③Easy to manufacture and replace

④ prone to cavitation and corrosion.




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