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L28/32 Diesel Engine Parts Introduction Exhaust Valve Structural Principle

Date:2022-06-30 Author: Click:

L28/32 Diesel Engine Parts Introduction Exhaust Valve Structural Principle

When water starts to be filled in the exhaust valve, the plug head stays in the open position and a large amount of exhaust is carried out. When the air is exhausted, the water accumulates in the valve, the float ball is floated, the plug head is driven to the closed position, and a large amount of exhaust is stopped. When the water in the pipe is transported normally, if a small amount of air accumulates in the valve to a considerable extent, the water level in the valve drops, and the float ball drops along with it. At this time, the air is discharged from the small hole. When negative pressure is generated, the plug head is opened quickly at this time, and air is sucked in to ensure that the pipeline is complete.

1. The exhaust valve is mainly composed of valve body, filter screen, floating ball and sealing ring.

2. The float of the exhaust valve is made of low-density PPR and composite materials, which will not deform even if it is soaked in high temperature water for a long time. It will not cause difficulty in buoy movement.

3. The buoy lever is made of hard plastic, and the connection between the lever, the buoy and the support adopts a movable connection, so it will not be rusted during long-term operation, causing the system to fail to work and water leakage.

4. The sealing end face of the lever is supported by springs, which can expand and contract with the movement of the lever to ensure the sealing performance without exhausting.

5. The exhaust valve of marine diesel engine accessories should have a large displacement. When the empty pipe is filled with water, the exhaust can be quickly restored to the normal water supply capacity in a very short time.

6. When the exhaust valve has negative pressure in the pipe, the piston should be able to open quickly and suck in a large amount of outside air quickly to ensure that the pipeline will not be damaged due to negative pressure. And under the working pressure, the trace air accumulated in the pipeline can be discharged.

7. The exhaust valve should have a relatively high air closing pressure, and in a short time before the piston closes, it should have enough capacity to discharge the air in the pipeline to improve the water delivery efficiency.

8. The water closing pressure of the exhaust valve should be no more than 0.02 MPa, and the exhaust valve can be closed at a lower water pressure to avoid a large amount of water gushing out.

9. The exhaust valve should use stainless steel floating ball (floating bucket) as the opening and closing parts.

10. The valve body of the exhaust valve should be provided with an anti-shock protection inner cylinder to prevent the floating ball (floating barrel) from being damaged prematurely by high-speed water flow directly impacting the floating ball (floating barrel) after a large amount of exhaust.




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