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Requirements for Selecting DK28 Diesel Engine Parts

Date:2022-05-30 Author: Click:

Requirements for Selecting DK28 Diesel Engine Parts

The essence of marine diesel engine parts support is to bear radial load. It can also be understood as something used to fix the shaft. Including bearing fast, i.e. fixing the shaft to be rotatable, controlling axial and radial movement. Without bearings, the motor cannot work. Because the shaft may work in any direction, but the motor only needs the shaft to rotate.

High-speed shaft bearings require good lubrication. While some bearings are themselves lubricated, most bearings require lubricating oil. When running at high speed, it will not only increase energy consumption due to friction, but also easily damage the bearing. Converting sliding friction to rolling friction is one-sided. Because of the sliding bearing. Marine bearings also have high requirements on lathes. High precision spraying maintenance technology.

That is, the lubricating film fills the gap between the outer surface of the journal and the inner surface of the bushing, and the two lubricating surfaces are completely separated by the oil film without contact. Marine fittings are repaired with standard polymer composite materials, which can reduce additional cost losses, reduce repair time and repair costs.

Intermediate bearing is a kind of bearing widely used in mechanical equipment. The intermediate bearing is the main support unit of the ship's shaft system and has a large working load. The working performance of the intermediate bearing directly affects the dynamic performance of the ship's propulsion system. Therefore, analyze the lubrication performance of the intermediate bearing, effectively predict the lubrication of the bearing, optimize the bearing structural parameters according to the design requirements and analysis results, reduce the frictional resistance of the intermediate bearing, reduce the vibration and noise of the shaft system, and improve the transmission efficiency and reliability of the shaft system , reduce the material.

Requirements for Selecting DK28 Diesel Engine Parts



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