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L28/32 Diesel Engine Parts Introduction Hydraulic Cylinder Function

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L28/32 Diesel Engine Parts Introduction Hydraulic Cylinder Function

Before sailing on water, a ship must be equipped with a set of power plants and auxiliary equipment that meet the requirements of the regulations. These powerplants include ship main powerplants. Auxiliary power unit. steamer. Refrigeration and air conditioning units. Compressed air device. Marine pumps and piping systems. Water production equipment and automation systems, etc. The electromechanical power equipment is mainly concentrated in the nacelle, and the technical department dedicated to managing these equipment is the turbine department.

The role of hydraulic cylinder accessories in ship accessories is as follows:

1. The piston and the cylinder liner form a sealed and variable space, which converts the pressure energy of the hydraulic oil into mechanical kinetic energy and plays a guiding role.

2. The piston rod plays the role of transmitting mechanical kinetic energy, converting the reciprocating motion of the piston into the circular motion of the crankshaft.

3. If it is used to install the upper cover and lower cover of the crankshaft, it will play the role of supporting the rotating shaft. Bearings and corresponding lubricating pipe holes are usually installed.

4. The sealing end cover forms a partially sealed hydraulic chamber to prevent leakage of high-pressure hydraulic oil.

L28/32 Diesel Engine Parts Introduction Hydraulic Cylinder Function



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