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Introduction of water pump assembly for marine diesel engine parts

Date:2022-04-13 Author: Click:

Introduction of water pump assembly for marine diesel engine parts:

Water Pump Assembly

The function of the water pump is to pressurize the cooling water to ensure that it circulates in the cooling system. In the forced circulation and circulation cooling system, the centrifugal water pump is used to increase the pressure of the cooling water to accelerate the circulation and circulation of the water in the cooling system. Due to the advantages of simple structure, small size, reliable operation and easy manufacture, centrifugal water pumps are widely used. When the pump impeller driven by the crankshaft rotates counterclockwise, it drives the water in the pump to rotate together. Under the action of centrifugal force, the water is thrown to the edge of the pump casing to generate a certain pressure and flows out from the water outlet. At the center of the impeller, the water in the water tank is sucked into the pump through the water inlet pipe, and then thrown out by the impeller, as the water is thrown to the outer edge and the pressure is reduced.

Introduction of water pump assembly for marine diesel engine parts



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