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Processing technology of cylinder head body of DK28 diesel engine parts

Date:2022-03-15 Author: Click:

Processing technology of cylinder head body of DK28 diesel engine parts

Cylinder head is one of the three key parts of diesel engine, and its processing quality directly affects the overall performance of diesel engine. Therefore, the processing quality of cylinder head has always been an issue that OEMs and supporting manufacturers of cylinder heads pay more attention to. The original processing technology of the cylinder head is prone to problems that the intake and exhaust cannot be processed during the production process. Therefore, the original process needs to be adjusted and improved, but it cannot be adjusted too much, so as to avoid the special machine used for processing being abandoned, causing damage to the enterprise. Huge waste. The adjustment and use of the process requires tooling to ensure, for which it is necessary to adjust the process and design special tooling.

Technological Analysis of Marine Diesel Engine Parts

The cylinder head is a casting blank, the internal structure is complex, the casting is difficult, and the requirements for casting quality are high, and casting defects such as pores and sand holes are not allowed, and the casting yield is relatively low. cause waste.

The processing route is relatively long, and the processing accuracy is high, especially the feed (D2). Row (D3) valve hole, valve guide hole (D1) have high dimensional tolerance (H7) and geometrical tolerance requirements, as well as high surface roughness requirements, and their processing generally requires special composite tools to drill, expand and ream to achieve its precision requirements.

Processing technology of cylinder head body of DK28 diesel engine parts



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