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DK28 diesel engine parts plunger and even parts

Date:2021-12-24 Author: Click:

DK28 diesel engine parts plunger and even parts

1. Marine diesel engine parts plunger and assembly are the fuel injection plungers of the high-pressure fuel pump of diesel engines. Due to the precise fit of the plunger and the high-speed movement of the plunger, the fuel can be pressurized. Therefore, the material of the general plunger is made of high-quality alloy steel, and the fitting clearance is between 0.0015-0.0025mm after precision machining. If the gap is too large, it is easy to leak oil and cause the oil pressure to drop; if the gap is too small, the lubrication of the mating part is not good, and it is easy to jam.

2. The main purpose of the high-pressure oil pump is as the power source of hydraulic devices such as jacks, upsets, extruders, and tying machines. It is a device that provides tension power for the prestressed jack when it is used for prestressed tensioning. The specifications of the equipment are: ZB 2×2/50, where ZB is the equipment code, the first 2 is the rated oil supply per minute, the second 2 is the number of oil supply channels, and 50 is the rated oil pressure.




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