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L28/32 diesel engine parts intake pipe

Date:2021-12-15 Author: Click:

L28/32 diesel engine parts intake pipe

The intake pipe means that the air enters from the intake port, passes through the air filter, and enters the pipe before each cylinder. It is the main intake pipe of the engine and the general intake pipe.

At present, the air intake nozzles on the market will often have failures and problems after a long time of use. It is troublesome to repair, and the sealing is not perfect. It is troublesome to load and disassemble, and it is not easy to quickly disassemble and assemble, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Therefore, an air intake nozzle is proposed to solve the problem.

Technical problem solved

Aiming at the shortcomings of the prior art, an air intake nozzle is provided, which has the advantages of good sealing, easy and fast disassembly, time-saving and labor-saving, etc., and solves the troublesome maintenance of the air nozzle, and the sealing performance is not perfect. It’s a troublesome problem.

An air intake connection pipe includes an air connection pipe. The bottom of the air connection pipe is fixedly installed with a heat insulation board. The left and right sides of the bottom of the heat insulation board are provided with fixing grooves. The two fixing grooves are fixedly installed with rubber blocks and heat insulation boards. The left and right sides of the bottom are provided with gear grooves located on the separated surfaces of the two fixed grooves. The inner part of the gear groove is movably installed with a rack, and the front of the rack is movably meshed with a bevel gear, and the two bevel gears are separated from each other. A connecting rod that penetrates and extends to the outside of the heat insulation board is fixedly installed on one side of the heat insulation board. The outer part of the connection rod is movably installed with a sleeve shaft fixedly connected to the heat insulation board. The inside of the rod is movably connected with a threaded rod, and the end of the threaded rod away from the threaded hole is fixedly installed with a handle, the bottoms of the two racks are fixedly connected with the connecting block, and the top of the connecting block is fixedly installed with an inner ring.




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