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DK28 diesel engine parts valve switch

Date:2021-10-29 Author: Click:

DK28 diesel engine parts valve switch

The manufacturing method of the valve switch detector for marine diesel engine parts, which includes a base, a detection table, a geared motor, a drive shaft, a cam, a guide tube, a guide bracket, a tappet, an oil pipe and a valve, the geared motor is installed on the base, and the geared motor The output end is connected to the drive shaft, the drive shaft is connected to the cam, a guide bracket is arranged above the cam, the guide cylinder is connected to the tappet, and the upper part of the guide cylinder and the lower part of the tappet are located in the guide bracket, and the rocker arm seat and spring are installed on the detection table. The rocker arm is installed on the rocker arm seat. One end of the rocker arm is connected to the tappet, and the other end is connected to the air valve. The spring is located under the air valve. The nameplate is marked with a scale. The detection is completed on a diesel engine with a compact structure and a small space, so the detection is easy and accurate, and the geared motor is used as the power source, which has low energy consumption and low cost.

The valve revolver is an important part of the diesel engine. When the diesel engine is working, the intake and exhaust valves are rotated slowly through the revolver to prevent the coke generated by the combustion of the diesel engine under low load or overload operation, which causes the valve to jam. Or burn to death, therefore, the quality of the valve switch is related to the service life of the valve. To inspect the rotary valve, if there is no special inspection tool, only the appearance size can be inspected, but the performance cannot be inspected. For the user to inspect the performance of the rotary valve in the factory, the cost of purchasing the inspection tool is too high. High, and the current inspection method is to inspect the performance of the rotary valve on the diesel engine, and mark the valve stem.

DK28 diesel engine parts valve switch



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