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L28/32 diesel engine parts diesel engine power and auxiliary systems

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L28/32 diesel engine parts diesel engine power and auxiliary systems

(1) Starting system

The starting system uses external force to drive the crankshaft to rotate and make it reach a certain speed. The piston compresses the gas in the cylinder to make it have sufficient temperature and pressure to realize the first ignition and combustion of the diesel engine, and it is turned from static to working state. There are roughly two ways to start a diesel engine: one is to rotate the crankshaft with the help of external torque, such as manual cranking, motor starting, and air motor starting, etc.; the other is to use external force on the piston to push the piston to make the crankshaft. Rotate, such as compressed air start. Recently, the diesel engine starting system on ocean-going ships generally uses a compressed air starting system, which consists of an air compressor, a main air bottle, a main starting valve, an air distributor, a starting control valve and a cylinder starting valve.

(2) Ventilation system

Marine diesel engine parts diesel engine's ventilation system includes muffler, intake and exhaust pipe, muffler, supercharger and air cooler (for supercharged diesel engine) and the ventilation mechanism required to complete the ventilation, including intake and exhaust valves, Valve transmission mechanism, camshaft and camshaft transmission mechanism, etc. Their function is to supply sufficient and clean fresh air to the cylinder regularly according to the needs of T. for circulation, and to discharge the combusted exhaust gas out of the cylinder.

3) Fuel system

The fuel system mainly consists of a fuel supply system and a fuel injection system. The fuel supply system delivers the fuel that meets the requirements for use to the П end of the fuel injection pump unimpeded. The system is usually formed from fuel oil installation and measurement, storage, transfer, purification treatment, and supply. The fuel injection system is generally composed of fuel injection pumps, fuel injectors and high-pressure fuel pipes. Its function is to inject well-atomized fuel into the combustion chamber at regular and quantitative intervals to ensure the progress of the combustion process.

(4) Lubrication system

The work of the lubrication system is to send clean lubricating oil to the friction surface of each moving part of the diesel engine, which plays the role of reducing wear, cooling, cleaning, sealing and rust prevention, ensuring the normal and continuous operation of the diesel engine. Large low-speed diesel engines usually consist of a cylinder oil injection system and a crankcase oil system, while small and medium-sized diesel engines only have a crankcase oil system (also called an oil system).

(5) Cooling system

The cooling system consists of pumps, coolers and temperature controllers. Marine diesel engines usually use fresh water and lubricating oil as coolants to flow, conduct the heat absorbed by the heated parts, and ensure that the parts have normal working temperature and working clearance. The fresh water and lubricating oil after cooling the components are often re-cooled by sea water for recycling.

(6) Manipulation and control system

The control system is the collective name of a series of devices that control the starting, reversing, speed regulation, and stopping functions of the diesel engine. It is a complex system. According to the different control methods, it can be divided into: the manual control system beside the machine, the control system of the centralized control room of the engine room and the control system of the bridge.

L28/32 diesel engine parts diesel engine power and auxiliary systems



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