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L28/32 Diesel Engine Parts Bearings

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L28/32 Diesel Engine Parts Bearings

A multifunctional bearing puller, including a main shaft, a handle, an external thread, a cross arm, a support, and a clamping arm; the upper part of the main shaft is connected with a horizontally arranged handle; the handle is used to rotate the main shaft; the main shaft is also provided with an outer thread Thread, the middle of the cross arm is connected with the external thread on the main shaft through an internal thread; there are two pillars, which are connected to the cross arm symmetrically with respect to the main shaft, and the length direction of the pillar is consistent with the length direction of the main shaft; The end of the pillar is provided with two clamping arms that are horizontally opposite or laterally opposite. Further, the pillar and the cross arm are connected by a pin shaft, and the top of the pillar and the cross arm are provided with pin holes for the pin shaft to be inserted. Using the principle of leverage Pulling the bearing is easy to use, flexible to operate, and can be freely combined, adapts to the occasion where most bearings are stuck, and better solves the problem of bearing stuck on parts.

Marine diesel engine accessories are characterized in that: the lower center of the cylinder of the bearing puller is provided with a circular groove, the upper center of the cylinder is provided with a screw hole, the ejector rod with a thread is installed in the center screw hole of the upper part of the cylinder, and the bolt is installed in the pull bearing In the screw hole set at the lower part of the cylinder. The bearing puller has a reasonable structure design, short maintenance and replacement bearing time, convenient and effective use, which not only solves the labor intensity of workers, but also improves the production efficiency of the enterprise.

L28/32 Diesel Engine Parts Bearings



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