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L28/32 Diesel Engine Parts Roller Sleeve Assembly

Date:2020-07-28 Author: Click:

L28/32 Diesel Engine Parts Roller Sleeve Assembly: A cylindrical object sleeved on the outside of a pipe, etc., to protect, strengthen and fix or connect.

What is a pulley socket [tool]: The pulley socket wrench for marine diesel engine parts should be a ratchet quick wrench (quick lock du wrench) is a manual screw tightening tool, it is equipped with a lot of specifications of socket heads and special-shaped extension rods, convenient and fast And there is a switch to change the direction of rotation, which can be tightened or loosened. There is also a single-head, double-head, multi-specification ratchet wrench with movable handle (fixed hole). It is connected by the main plum blossom sleeve and the secondary plum blossom sleeve of different specifications and sizes through the female key and the male key of the hinged key. Since a plum blossom sleeve has two specifications of plum blossom-shaped through holes, it can be used for tightening screws of two specifications, thereby expanding the scope of use and saving raw materials and labor costs. The movable trigger can easily adjust the use angle of the wrench. This kind of wrench is used for the tightening operation of screws, and has the characteristics of strong applicability and convenient use.

L28/32 Diesel Engine Parts Roller Sleeve Assembly



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