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DK28 diesel engine parts roller bushing

Date:2020-07-06 Author: Click:

DK28 diesel engine parts roller bushing

Goods, finished parts and consumables-everything in a modern production system must be kept flowing. To achieve this, a cost-effective conveyor system is required. The sliding of the parts on the wear-resistant sliding bar can ensure that it reaches the workbench safely. Various types of conveyor rollers will help them keep the material moving from the kanban shelf. During the installation and use of common rollers, the stability of roller transportation is poor, and it is inconvenient to move the rollers in the profile groove. In order to facilitate the transportation of rollers, roller bushings are installed.

The marine diesel engine accessory roller bushing includes an outer shell and at least four raceways formed at least partially in the outer shell. The outer shell has an inner hole formed through the outer shell along a longitudinal axis to receive a lifting pin. The at least four raceways include several bearing elements arranged in the raceways and movable. Each raceway includes a first channel and a second channel parallel to the first channel and radially separated. The second channel contains a longitudinal cut, allowing at least a portion of several bearing elements to extend into the inner bore. The roller bushing further includes a first cover provided at the first end of the housing and a second cover provided at the second end of the housing, each cover includes a return groove formed in the cover, and the return groove is connected to the first channel With the second channel to facilitate the movement of several bearing elements between the first channel and the second channel.

DK28 diesel engine parts roller bushing



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