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Marine diesel engine accessories introduce the difference between diesel engines

Date:2020-06-02 Author: Click:

Marine diesel engine parts introductionThe main difference between marine diesel engine and automotive diesel engine is two points

First, marine diesel engines generally have a relatively high base number. Due to the high sulfur content of marine fuel oil (generally ranging from 0.5% to 3.5%), it is required that the lubricating oil must have sufficient alkali retention to neutralize the acidic substances generated after the fuel is burned.

Second, marine oil has good water resistance. Ships are inevitably exposed to water pollution while sailing at sea. Therefore, marine lubricating oil must have good anti-emulsification performance and water separation performance, and land diesel engine oil has no such conditions and no such requirements.

In addition, DK28 diesel engine accessories tell you that marine oil has all other properties of automotive diesel oil.

Marine diesel engine parts



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