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Marine diesel engine parts lack power failure phenomenon

Date:2019-10-22 Author: Click:

Marine diesel engine parts lack power failure phenomenon

1. Fault phenomenon The so-called power shortage is what the so-called marine diesel engine is “powerless” and “not strong”. Under normal circumstances, the power of the marine diesel engine generally has a certain reserve, which can drive the working machinery to operate normally. When the power is insufficient, it is represented by the working machinery movement of the marine diesel engine with the movement, accompanied by the following phenomena

(1) The marine diesel engine emits black smoke. At this time, the diesel engine exhaust pipe of the ship exhausts a large amount of black smoke.

 (2) The diesel engine exhaust temperature is high. At this point the turbine of the exhaust pipe and turbocharger is dark red.

 (3) The speed of the diesel engine of the ship is reduced or the speed is unstable, and the sound of working is weak. 

2, the cause analysis (1) insufficient oil supply: fuel filter fouling; fuel pipeline is too thin and too long leakage; fuel system has air; fuel quality is not good, oil contains water; fuel pump or regulator limit seal It is damaged and not oiled; the governor lever screw is screwed too much, the length of the toothed rod is not enough; the plunger of the fuel injection pump is seriously worn, and the oil supply of the individual cylinder is too small.

(2) Poor atomization or mismatch with the combustion chamber: poor oil head atomization; oil supply advance angle is incorrect; oil head extends out of the cylinder head plane; cylinder head piston is severely charred; compression clearance is too large; oil outlet valve is not sealed strict.

(3) Insufficient intake air: air filter is dirty; intercooler is dirty; compressor impeller is dirty; cylinder head inlet is dirty; intake and exhaust pipe is leaking; valve timing is not accurate; supercharger failure, intake Low pressure.

(4) Exhaust gas is not smooth: the exhaust pipe is too curved too long, or there are many turns; the exhaust muffler is dirty; the cylinder head exhaust is dirty; the exhaust timing is wrong.

(5) External factors: the intercooler inlet water temperature is too high; the ambient temperature is high, the humidity is high; the altitude is high, the air pressure is low; the ship diesel engine is overheated; the abnormal wear, the ship diesel engine pulls the cylinder, burns the tile, holds the axle, and the like.

Marine diesel engine parts lack power failure phenomenon



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