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What is the difference between high-speed diesel engines and low-speed diesel engines?

Date:2019-09-06 Author: Click:

Heavy trucks, loaders, excavators, tractors, ships, etc. all use diesel engines as power units. Are they using the same diesel engines? Especially the diesel engines used on loaders (forklifts) and the diesel engines used on trucks. Is it the same?

The same series of diesel engines such as: 135 series of existing vehicles also used in construction machinery or marine and generators.

The basic structure is the same. The difference is that the diesel engine requires a higher speed and a lower torque requirement. The construction machinery, such as the loader, requires a large torque and the speed does not need to be too high.

Therefore: diesel engine power calibration according to different purposes, such as: 6135G diesel engine, 12 hours power is 120 horsepower / 1500 rev / min. For example: 6135Q car diesel engine, 15 minutes calibration power is 160 horsepower / 1800 rpm /Minute.

China has four calibration powers according to the use of diesel engines.

1,15 minutes Power: The diesel engine is allowed to run continuously for 15 minutes of maximum power, used for power calibration of diesel engines for automobiles, motorcycles, motor boats, etc.

2, 1 hour power: The maximum power that the diesel engine is allowed to run continuously for 1 hour. Calibration of diesel engines used in construction machinery.

3,12 hours power: The diesel engine allows for 12 hours of maximum power. It is used for calibration of tractors, diesel locomotives, and marine diesel engines.

4, continuous power: the maximum power that the diesel engine allows for long-term continuous operation, used for calibration of diesel engines for agricultural irrigation and drainage, power stations, etc.

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