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Marine diesel flywheel and starter introduction

Date:2019-08-13 Author: Click:

Marine diesel engine parts:

1. Flywheel

The main function of the flywheel is to store the energy of the power stroke, overcome the resistance of the auxiliary stroke to maintain the uniformity of the crankshaft rotation, and make the internal combustion engine work smoothly. To do this, it must be able to store a certain amount of energy and release it when needed.

2, flywheel shell

The flywheel shell is installed between the engine and the gearbox, and is connected to the crankcase, the starter, the oil sump, and the built-in flywheel assembly, which functions to connect the body, the protection and the carrier.

3, flywheel ring gear

A ring gear is pressed on the outer edge of the flywheel to engage the drive gear of the starter to transmit the power of the starter to the connecting member of the crankshaft. The main function is to realize the power transmission between the starter and the crankshaft to provide inertia for the engine.

4, flywheel bolt

The function of the flywheel bolt is to generate sufficient preload force during assembly so that the friction torque generated between the flywheel and the crankshaft joint surface during the operation of the engine can transmit torque.

5, the starter

The internal combustion engine transitions from a stationary state to an independently operable process by means of an external force, which is referred to as an internal combustion engine starting process, referred to as an internal combustion engine starting. The device required to complete the starting process is called the starting device. The starting devices of the engine mainly include: an electric starter, an electromagnetic meshing starter, a deceleration starter, a permanent magnet starter, an air starter, and the like.

Marine diesel engine parts



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