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Several situations in which the diesel generator set consumes too much fuel

Date:2019-08-08 Author: Click:

Some diesel generator sets may experience excessive fuel consumption during use, but they do not know which part of the diesel engine parts to handle. To this end, we analyzed the following situations for everyone. What is the reason for diesel engine parts:

1 When it is found that the oil consumption is excessive, first check whether there is oil leakage at the joint between the body and the gear chamber cover, the large plate on the side of the row wheel, the back cover and the cover. If oil leakage occurs, it should be observed that the gaskets at the joints are intact. Replace the damaged gaskets. If the gasket is complete, check the connection screws of each part for looseness. Use a wrench on the loose bolt to the specified torque. If the above part is basically normal and the oil leakage is in the frame position, the oil casing should be inspected. The main inspection part is at the front end of the oil shell side on the same side of the row wheel. The screw is loosened by the frame, and the wheel is pulled in the triangle belt. The long-term rubbing of the frame angle iron of the protective oil casing is carried out, and the oil casing is ground through to form a gap to cause oil leakage.

2 The normal wear caused by long-term use of the engine, or the abnormal wear caused by improper maintenance, will cause the cylinder liner of the diesel engine to form a longitudinal line, the cylinder bore and the piston side clearance exceed the specified value, so that the support force of the piston ring is correspondingly reduced. There is a phenomenon that the oil is not clean. Or because the inner ring of the oil ring twists the spring to open the opening position of the oil ring, so that the oil is not clean and participates in the combustion, causing serious oil consumption symptoms, which is difficult to start the diesel engine, and the exhaust pipe has obvious blue smoke. The respirator has a serious fuel injection. Furthermore, the piston should be on the upward side, and the combustion chamber is inverted when assembled due to the direction of the assembly. Although it does not affect the starting of the diesel engine, the loss of the oil will be quite serious, and the fuel consumption per day is about 0.5 kg.

3 The seriousness of the valve guide wear and the burning of the diesel generator oil is rare, but according to the introduction of relevant information, this is also a reason why it cannot be underestimated.

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