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The development trend of modern Marine diesel engines.

Date:2018-04-04 Author: Click:

After decades of development, especially in the last decade, modern Marine diesel engines have developed to a higher level of technology.
In the future, with the development of productivity, the Marine diesel engine will be more demanding, and the ship diesel engine will continue to develop and improve.
The current development of diesel engine can be summarized as: energy saving as the center, fully taking into account the requirements of emission and reliability, comprehensively improving the performance of diesel engines.
According to this development goal, the future research trend will be: 

1) to improve economic research, including research on combustion, supercharging, low wear and so on;
    2) reduce the emissions of diesel engine research, modern diesel engine emissions are facing serious challenges, with restrictions on ship diesel engine emission control, making it harder for the improvement of economy, this is also a new topic in the development of Marine diesel engine;
    3) improve reliability and durability;
    4) research on electronic control technology;
    5) research on alternative fuels.
    1.Modern Marine diesel engines have achieved more economical efficiency than the past few decades.
All kinds of energy saving measures have been successively developed and improved. These measures mainly include:

1) adopt the constant pressure turbocharging system and the high efficiency exhaust turbocharger.
    2) increase the stroke diameter ratio S/D.
    3) increase the maximum outburst pressure pz and the average effective pressure PE ratio pz/PE.
    4) increase the compression ratio.
    5) variable injection timing (VIT) mechanism is adopted.
    6) reduce friction loss work and improve mechanical efficiency.
    7) power turbine system (TCS) is adopted.
    8) shaft generator (PTO).
    9) waste heat reuse of diesel engines.
    10) improved injection and combustion technology.
    2.The structure characteristics of modern Marine low-speed diesel engines

1) the combustion chamber parts are generally used for drilling and cooling structures.
    2) rotary exhaust valve and hydraulic valve actuator are adopted.
    3) spray pump adopts variable injection timing (VIT) mechanism.
    4) thin wall bearings are used.
    5) adopt independent cylinder lubrication system.



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