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Working principle of Marine diesel engine parts

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Working principle of Marine diesel engine parts

Two-stroke diesel engine

The diesel engine that completes a working cycle through two strokes of the piston is called a two-stroke diesel engine, and the crankshaft of the oil engine completes a working cycle only one turn, compared with the four-stroke diesel engine, it improves the work capacity, and there are also big differences in the specific structure and working principle.

The basic structure of two-stroke diesel engine and four-stroke diesel engine is the same, the main difference is in the valve mechanism. The two-stroke diesel engine has no intake valve, and some even have no exhaust valve, but set up a scavenging port and exhaust port in the lower part of the cylinder; Or set a scavenging port and exhaust valve mechanism. A scavenging pump driven by a moving part and a scavenging box for storing pressure air are specially set up, and the matching of piston and air port is used to complete the gas distribution, thus simplifying the diesel engine structure.

Four-stroke diesel engine

The work of the diesel engine is completed by the four processes of suction, compression, work and exhaust, which constitute a working cycle. A diesel engine in which the piston goes through four processes to complete one working cycle is called a four-stroke diesel engine.

Control -- stroke -- suction

The second stroke - compression

The third stroke - do work

Fourth stroke - exhaust

Working principle of Marine diesel engine parts



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