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Marine diesel engine accessories cylinder gasket

Date:2024-01-16 Author: Click:

Marine diesel engine accessories cylinder gasket

The cylinder cushion is located between the cylinder head and the cylinder block, also known as the cylinder bed. Its function is to fill the microscopic pores between the cylinder block and the cylinder head, to ensure good sealing at the joint surface, and then to ensure the sealing of the combustion chamber, to prevent cylinder leakage and water jacket water leakage.

Basic information

With the continuous strengthening of the internal combustion engine, the thermal load and mechanical load are increasing, and the sealing of the cylinder gasket is becoming more and more important. The requirements for structure and materials are: sufficient strength and heat resistance under high temperature, high pressure and high corrosion gas conditions; A lot of damage or deterioration, corrosion resistance; It has certain elasticity and can compensate the unevenness of the joint surface to ensure sealing; Long service life.

At present, there are the following types of cylinder gaskets:

One is metallic asbestos gasket. This kind of asbestos is sandwiched with wire or metal shavings and covered with copper or steel. This steel pad thickness of 1.2~2mm has good elasticity and heat resistance, can be used repeatedly, but the strength is poor, thickness and quality are not uniform.

The other is made of solid metal sheets. This kind of pad is used to strengthen the engine, and it is used in cars and racing cars. This kind of gasket stamping a certain height of relief around the cylinder holes, water holes and oil holes that need to be sealed, using the elastic deformation of relief to achieve seal.

Marine diesel engine accessories cylinder gasket



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