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Marine diesel engine fittings L16/24 cooling water jacket introduction

Date:2023-05-16 Author: Click:

Marine diesel engine fittings L16/24 cooling water jacket introduction

How to fill the cooling water jacket at high temperature

Generally, the cooling water is turned on before the temperature rises, and has been turned on during the experiment (that is, the cooling water jacket is opened first and then closed), in order to prevent high temperature damage to the chamber. The water in the cooling water jacket enters from the bottom and flows from the top, which can play a good role in cooling.

Circulating and circulating water cooling is the result of evaporative heat dissipation, contact heat dissipation and radiation heat dissipation through the contact between water and air.

1, evaporative heat dissipation: water in the cooling equipment to form large and small water droplets or extremely thin film, expand its contact area with the air and extend the contact time to strengthen the evaporation of water, so that the water vapor from the water to take away the heat required for gasification so that the water cooling;

2, contact heat dissipation: water and lower temperature air contact, due to the temperature difference in hot water heat transfer to the air, water temperature is reduced;

3, radiation heat dissipation: do not need the role of heat transfer medium, but by a form of electromagnetic wave to spread heat, energy phenomenon.

Marine diesel engine fittings L16/24 cooling water jacket introduction



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