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Analysis, judgment and elimination of fuel injector faults in marine diesel engine accessories

Date:2023-02-10 Author: Click:

Analysis, judgment and elimination of fuel injector faults in marine diesel engine accessories

The failure of the fuel injector will directly cause the abnormal phenomenon of the engine. WD615 series engine injector faults include:

(1) The exhaust pipe emits black smoke;

(2) The operation of each cylinder is uneven, and the engine has obvious vibration;

(3) The engine power decreases and the vehicle is unable to drive.

In order to judge the fault of the engine injector, the engine can be operated at idle speed, and the fuel cut-off test shall be carried out for each cylinder in turn. When a certain cylinder stops supplying oil, pay attention to the working condition and sound of the engine. If the exhaust no longer emits black smoke after fuel cut-off and the engine speed changes, it is the fuel injector fault of the cylinder.

After the troubleshooting of the fuel injector of WD615 series engine is correct, disassemble the fuel injector and calibrate it on the fuel injector calibration bench. There are generally the following types of faults:

(1) The injection pressure is too low;

(2) The fuel injection is not atomized, or the obvious oil flow is downward;

(3) The length of the fuel injection beam at each injection hole is different, and the fuel beam is uneven;

(4) The fuel injector drips oil;

(5) The injector needle valve is stuck and burnt.

Remove the fuel injector for repair after the above conditions occur. Replace it if it is seriously damaged. After replacement, the injection pressure should be adjusted to 22+0.5MPa, and the spray is in good condition without oil dripping. The main reasons for the failure of the fuel injector are the problems of fuel and filter, such as the use of inferior diesel fuel and the failure to clean and replace the filter element after long-term use. It is recommended that users use diesel oil conforming to the national standard. Each time, the diesel filter element is cleaned at the first maintenance, and the diesel filter element is replaced at the second maintenance, and the fuel tank is cleaned regularly. Article reprinted from CBI Architecture Network.

Analysis, judgment and elimination of fuel injector faults in marine diesel engine accessories



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