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Marine Diesel Engine Parts L16/24 Thrust Head

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Marine Diesel Engine Parts L16/24 Thrust Head

Thrust head: The part used to mount the mirror plate and transmit the axial force from the main shaft to the thrust bearing mirror plate. The thrust head and the mirror plate of the high-speed hydro-generator or generator motor are cast into one body, which is called "thrust head mirror plate", or the thrust head, the mirror plate and the main shaft are cast into one.

Thrust disc: A disc that transmits the axial thrust of the rotor to the thrust bearing. The thrust pads are installed on both sides of the thrust disc, and there is a wedge-shaped oil film between the thrust pad and the thrust disc to maintain lubrication and prevent the pad from grinding.

For a single-cylinder unit, the thrust plate is installed on the high-pressure side of the turbine rotor, usually in the front box. The purpose of this arrangement is that the rotor will have an axial displacement in the direction of the generator when the unit is running. But for large units (for intermediate reheat units), the thrust plate is not arranged in the front box, but in the cranking box, because when the intermediate reheat unit is running, the turbine rotor is directed to the turbine head instead of generating electricity Axial displacement occurs in the machine direction.

Thrust pad: The thrust bearing can swing freely and flexibly on the fixed support body, and form a dynamic pressure oil film lubricating and bearing with the mirror plate. It is a fan-shaped part composed of a friction surface layer and a tile blank.

Marine Diesel Engine Parts L16/24 Thrust Head



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