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Marine Diesel Engine Parts High Pressure Oil Pipe

Date:2022-03-22 Author: Click:

Marine Diesel Engine Parts High Pressure Oil Pipe

The high-pressure oil pipe is an integral part of the high-pressure oil circuit. The oil pipe is required to withstand a certain oil pressure and has a certain fatigue strength to ensure the sealing requirements of the pipeline. The high-pressure oil pipe for vehicles mainly occurs in high-pressure injection diesel engines and high-pressure injection. Direct injection In a gasoline engine, it can withstand the oil pressure required during engine operation.

L28/32 diesel engine accessories oil pipe is composed of steel wire winding skeleton layer and internal and external oil-resistant and corrosion-resistant synthetic rubber.

Classification: high-pressure steel wire braided hose, high-pressure steel wire wound hose, large-diameter high-pressure hose, steel wire (fiber) reinforced nylon elastomer resin tube, steel wire reinforced soft, ultra-high pressure hose, high temperature hose, polyurethane hose.

Structure: The high-pressure oil pipe is composed of a steel wire wound skeleton layer, internal and external oil-resistant rubber, corrosion-resistant synthetic rubber, and weather-resistant special rubber.

Uses: used for excavators, loaders, rollovers, hydraulic boosters, hydraulic supports, cement delivery pipes, agricultural irrigation hoses, hydraulic oil pipes for construction machinery, submarine natural gas delivery, and oil transportation.

Marine Diesel Engine Parts High Pressure Oil Pipe



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