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Marine diesel engine parts L16/24 injector sleeve

Date:2021-11-22 Author: Click:

Marine diesel engine parts L16/24 injector sleeve

The injector bushing (hereinafter referred to as the bushing) is an important seal on the cylinder head of the diesel engine. It is fixed on the cylinder head, and the injector is installed in the bushing.

The bushing is not only the position where the injector is installed but also the intermediate medium for the cooling water to cool the injector, so its material is made of alloy material with high strength and good thermal conductivity. In addition, the sleeve is a thin-walled piece, which is difficult to manufacture and has a high cost. The existing installation method is to hit the top of the casing with a copper rod or aluminum rod to make it in place. To remove the casing, knock it out of the cylinder head from the other end by hitting it. Since the tail part of the casing is coated with sealant during installation and needs to be repeatedly hit during disassembly, removing the casing is essentially a destructive method, and the removed casing can only be scrapped. In addition, after installing the injector sleeve, the cylinder head of the diesel engine must undergo a pump pressure test of the cooling water chamber to verify its airtight performance and load-bearing capacity under the specified pressure. The cylinder head material is cast iron, and a certain amount of it is scrapped after the pressure test. Because the casing is difficult to disassemble, the casing can only be scrapped.

Solve the original method of casing installation and removal, use more reasonable casing assembly and disassembly tools to facilitate installation and solve the difficulty of incomplete removal of the casing. Compared with the prior art, it avoids accidental damage caused by the assembly of the injector casing, unnecessary damage during the maintenance process, and loss due to scrapping of the cylinder head.

Marine diesel engine parts L16/24 injector sleeve



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