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The main structural components of marine diesel engine parts

Date:2021-10-11 Author: Click:

The main structural components of marine diesel engine parts

The main structural components of diesel engine parts generally include: body, crank connecting rod structure, gas distribution structure, fuel system, lubrication system, cooling system, and electrical system. The basic structure includes: crank connecting rod structure, air distribution structure, transmission structure, fuel supply system, lubrication system, cooling system and pneumatic system (commonly known as three major structures and four major systems).

The main fixed parts of a diesel engine are: cylinder head, body, engine base (or oil pan), main bearing, etc.

The crank connecting rod structure, the gas distribution structure and the fuel supply system are the three basic parts of the diesel engine. They cooperate with each other to complete the working cycle of the diesel engine and realize energy conversion.

During the use of the diesel engine, no part of it should be ignored, otherwise, the normal operation of the diesel engine will not be guaranteed, and it may even cause serious damage to the diesel engine.

For modern diesel engines, on the basis of the above-mentioned basic structure, they become supercharged diesel engines by increasing the supercharging system (increasing the intake pressure), and by electronically controlling the fuel supply system, they become electronically controlled diesel engines (including electronic control systems). Rail diesel engine and electronic control unit diesel engine).

The main structural components of marine diesel engine parts



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