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The main fixing parts of the diesel engine

Date:2021-08-30 Author: Click:

The main fixing parts of the diesel engine

The diesel engine is mainly composed of the following components and systems:

Main fixings

The main fixing parts of a diesel engine are composed of a base, a frame, a cylinder block and a cylinder head. Small and medium-sized diesel engines often integrate the cylinder block and the frame into a body, and use a light oil pan instead of the base. They form the skeleton of the diesel engine, supporting the moving parts and auxiliary systems.

Main moving parts

The main moving parts of diesel engines are composed of pistons, connecting rod components and crankshafts. For large low-speed diesel engines, there are also crosshead components. The top of the piston, the inner wall of the cylinder liner and the bottom of the cylinder head together form the combustion chamber space, which not only ensures the smooth progress of the diesel engine, but also converts the reciprocating motion of the piston into the rotary motion of the crankshaft through the connecting rod, thereby driving the gas The power of the piston is transmitted outward through the crankshaft in a rotating manner.

The main fixing parts of the diesel engine



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