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The basic composition of marine diesel engine parts diesel engine

Date:2021-08-23 Author: Click:

The basic composition of marine diesel engine parts diesel engine

The overall structure and main parts of the diesel engine

Because the diesel engine is a reciprocating compression-fired internal combustion engine, its overall structure and main components are set up around the completion of this function. Diesel engine is the fundamental power equipment that promotes the advancement of ships. It is extremely important to understand its structure, composition and function, and to do a good job in maintenance and management. Statistics show that the failures of the main parts of marine diesel engines account for about 90% of the total number of diesel engine failures, and nearly half of the failures are concentrated on the combustion chamber components. These faults directly affect the technical performance indicators of diesel engines and are closely related to the safety of navigation.

The basic composition of diesel engine, marine diesel engine structure is more complicated, it is composed of many parts, mechanisms and systems. Although the structures and models of diesel engines manufactured by various diesel engine manufacturers are different, they have a lot in common in their working principles and overall structure.

The basic composition of marine diesel engine parts diesel engine



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