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What are the uses of low-speed marine diesel engines for marine diesel engine parts

Date:2021-08-13 Author: Click:

What are the uses of low-speed marine diesel engines for marine diesel engine parts

Low-speed diesel engines are basically used on large ships.

Because the speed of this diesel engine is relatively low (the torque is larger than other diesel engines), the fuel consumption is relatively large.

In addition, there are also military applications, such as internal combustion engine-type aircraft carriers, warships, and submarines, and some tanks are also used, but they are different from those used in ships, but they are also low-speed diesel engines.

Diesel engines have high thermal efficiency, good economy, easy starting, and great adaptability to various types of ships. After they came out, they were quickly used as ship propulsion power. By the 1950s, diesel engines had almost completely replaced steam engines in newly constructed ships. Marine diesel engines have become the main power for civil ships, small and medium-sized ships and conventional submarines (see Ship Power Plant).

A low-speed diesel engine refers to less than 300 rpm. Since it is a low-speed diesel engine for marine use, it is of course for marine use. If it is a large marine low-speed main diesel engine, there is often no separate auxiliary system, such as a complex and huge fuel system and The lubricating oil system, as well as the starting system for starting the diesel engine, such as compressed air. And the compressed air needs a set of air compressors and a booster system... I say this mainly to show that large diesel engines are not alone Exist, so its use has been greatly restricted! Especially marine diesel engines, due to shipbuilding specifications and some requirements, their requirements and costs are very high. So they are generally only for marine use. Small ships often do not use low-speed engines. Because small ships have good maneuverability and small load capacity, such low-speed high-power diesel engines are generally not used. Therefore, low-speed marine diesel engines have great restrictions in other industries except for marine use.

What are the uses of low-speed marine diesel engines for marine diesel engine parts



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