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Function and structure of L23/30 cylinder head of marine diesel engine parts

Date:2021-07-07 Author: Click:

Function and structure of L23/30 cylinder head of marine diesel engine parts

The role of cylinder head

1. The function of the cylinder head of marine diesel engine parts The cylinder head has a decisive influence on the operating characteristics of the engine (such as output power, torque and exhaust emission characteristics, fuel consumption and noise characteristics). Almost all engine timing control is carried out in the cylinder head.

The cylinder head needs to complete the following tasks: a. Absorb the force; b. Fix the valve mechanism; c. Fix the air exchange channel; d. Fix the spark plug; e. Fix the coolant and lubricating oil delivery channel; f. Form the upper limit of the cylinder; g. Dissipate heat to the coolant; h. Fix the accessory assembly and sensor.

2. Cylinder head structure

Cylinder head structure With the continuous development of the engine, the design structure of the cylinder head has changed greatly. The shape of L28/32 diesel engine parts and cylinder heads is largely determined by the relevant parts included.

The shape of the cylinder head is mainly affected by the following factors: a. The number and position of valves; b. The position and number of camshafts; c. The position and number of spark plugs; d. The shape of the ventilation passage.

The valve mechanism scheme has the greatest impact on the shape of the cylinder head. In order to increase engine power, reduce pollutant emissions and fuel consumption, air exchange must be as effective and flexible as possible, and volumetric efficiency must be high.

In the past, it was mainly achieved by improving overhead valves, overhead camshafts, and valve technology. The ventilation efficiency can also be improved when the flow rate of the intake and exhaust passages is large. Another requirement for the cylinder head is to have as compact a structure as possible. If you consider the components used for valve clearance compensation or minimize friction, the shape of the combustion chamber, and the position of the spark plug, the cylinder head structure is more complicated.

Function and structure of L23/30 cylinder head of marine diesel engine parts



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