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L28/32 diesel engine parts talk about the key points of cooling water system management

Date:2021-04-26 Author: Click:

L28/32 diesel engine parts talk about the key points of cooling water system management:

Due to the small size and the integration of the cooling water channels, some flow channels are very narrow, and in some places the diameter is less than 6mm. Then the water quality requirements for cooling water are very high. This model needs to build a small central cooling system. It comes with two fresh water pumps with high and low temperature. The high and low temperature system is controlled by a thermostatic valve, and the high and low temperature system is communicated.

Therefore, poor water quality has a great impact on the operation of diesel engines, and the most obvious impact is the exhaust valve seat sealing ring.

If the flow path is blocked, the first is the failure of the exhaust valve seat sealing ring to leak water, and then the water leaks into the crankcase.

The cooling water system needs to maintain the dosing treatment, keep the water quality good, and prevent the corrosion of the system. In addition, the standard configuration of the cooling water system will have a cooling water preheating system. The cycle of this preheating system is opposite to the working cycle of a normal diesel engine. This is conducive to the flow of small impurities from partially blocked channels. The long-term trouble-free work is beneficial. In addition, strict attention should be paid to prevent seawater from leaking into the fresh water system, otherwise it will cause serious blockage of the cooling water channel. If seawater leaks in, change the water immediately. Strengthen the dosing test of the cooling water to control the water quality. In addition, if the air valve and valve seat are in good condition and well sealed, the temperature of the air valve seat itself will also drop, which will reduce the formation of scale.

L28/32 diesel engine parts talk about the key points of cooling water system management



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