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Diesel engine parts explain whether waste oil can be recycled

Date:2020-04-27 Author: Click:

    Diesel engine parts explain whether waste oil can be recycled

    Marine diesel engine parts The waste oil mentioned here is our common lubricating oil. Everyone knows what the role of lubricating oil is. It can be reused. It is not only able to obtain high profits, but also solves the environment. Pollution problem. So how do they use waste oil so well?

    Waste oil chemical regeneration treatment is one of the important measures for saving oil. As long as the waste oil is carefully collected, stored and then regenerated, what are the precautions?

    1. Should be concentrated and unified as much as possible, to avoid a small amount of scattered operations, to prevent waste and heavy operations;

    2. It should be equipped with the necessary equipment, and it should not be rushed to take risks when it is unconditional to avoid danger;

    3. Do not fill too much oil during distillation to avoid fire due to spilled oil. After the temperature of the oil after distillation drops below 150%, the residual oil can be released to avoid spontaneous combustion of the residual oil;

    4. Wear rubber gloves and protective glasses during operation to avoid damage to the body. The treated acid residue can be buried deep in the soil or burned as fuel, but it cannot be messed up;

    5. When using clay, pour it slowly to prevent a large amount of foam from the oil from overflowing and causing a fire.

  Diesel engine parts explain whether waste oil can be recycled



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